You ever had to reboot you car?

My father was driving me to the airport on a cold Scottish morning. His pride of joy is one of the top of the line Mercedes Benz, with more bells'n'whistles than you can shake a stick at. We were heading up the road and he noted the car wasn't getting any warmer, infact the heating was blowing out cold air. He fiddled with some buttons but nothing. Then he pulled over and turned off the engine, counted 10 elephants and turned it back on again. I knew what he was doing, I just didn't want to believe what he was doing.

He was rebooting the car which incidentally cured the problem. As soon as he turned it on again, the heating system burst into life and we had full control of climate system. I casually asked him, "You need to do that often?", where by he answered, "not often, it's the only thing the garage recommends". WHAT?!?!

Okay this was just the climate control, but jesus what if something else more fundamental threw a "null pointer" exception? How are you suppose to do a reboot on the motorway? Is this the state that the computer industry has taken us? Where by rebooting your automobile is a common occurrence? Come on ... Mercedes Benz and any other car manufacturer, explain yourself now!


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