The Segway is no Sinclair C5

The BBC writes this morning about the Segway and asking where is it in the UK.  With only 50-60 sales under its belt it is not the runaway success in the UK that the hype first promised.  That said is it ever?  What product (aside from the iPOD) ever lived up to the hype?  One could even argue the new iPOD shuffle is stretching the gullability of the public by denying a number of core features.  Setting aside the huge price ticket for the Segway, its main problem here in the UK at least is the law surrounding where they can and can't be used.  Technically speaking they are not permitted on the pavement and they are not fast enough for the main highway.  If you were therefore going to buy one you have limited opportunity to use it in public spaces.

Professor Dominic Kelly is quoted to saying that the Segway maybe misses the point of personal travel but may find a niche in the relaxed travel requirements of the likes golf etc.  But I would counter that slightly and look at the number of industries that can and are benefiting from this rather cool way of moving around.  Any one that has been to DisneyWorld will see instantly the usefulness of them as they are park by the Disney people zipping around on these flying hover boards.


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