alanwilliamson - Car insurance done properly

That time of the year where I have to renew my car insurance. The usual surf around to all the usual haunts to see who is offering the cheapest. I have been using for the past couple of years to great success. Which is where I found the "Virgin" of the car insurance world; SwiftCover.

These guys are an exclusive online insurance company. They don't even post you documents, you print them out for yourself from the emailed PDF document. Last year they quoted me around somewhere in the region of £150 cheaper than the next bunch. So naturally one grabbed it.

One year later, I am once more renewing with This year though, I notice that all the other insurance companies are coming near the price SwiftCover was offering last year. There is about a £50 difference now in some. So they are driving the price of insurance down.

However, SwiftCover have gone and done it again, and made my renewal cheaper even than a fresh quote; rewarding customer loyalty! Unheard of in the car insurance market.

Please give SwiftCover a go for your insurance requirements. Now if they only offered a referral scheme I could be really quids in!


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