Open BlueDragon BOF @ Scotch Review

Last night, we presented the Open BlueDragon BOF @ Scotch up in Edinburgh. We had an excellent turn out, starting at 18:15 and going on right through to 19:45. We had lots of questions and discussions regarding the use of J2EE, WAR deployment, and potential uses of Open BlueDragon.

We had an excellent turnout from the Steering Committee also, with Sean, Nitai, Matt, AndyA, AndyW in attendance, all up at the front helping field questions and present some demo's.

We had a whistle stop tour of some of the ways you can get up and running very quickly with Open BlueDragon, with Andy Wu demonstrating taking a standard Tomcat installation straight from the Apache site, and the OpenBlueDragon WAR file, he was able to get the whole thing up and running in under 20 seconds! Tomcat was started up and then the WAR file was simply copied into the folder. Boom it worked! He then went on to demonstrate how the Jetty instance also ran, showing the power of the WAR file distribution.

The WAR itself is a staggering 11MB in size. A really small size, which is ironic, considering when Nitai explained to us that the Open BlueDragon VMWare image is 1.2GB in size and has been downloaded over a 1,100 times! We hoped we proved that getting Open BlueDragon didn't necessarily require the 1.2GB download!

I then took a real quick look at the PlugIn API that made building extra functionality a breeze. This whole Eclipse project will be released on the website around the end of this week so people can really start playing with it.

We then fielded questions from the crowd with some wonderful questions being put forward. Particularly answer questions regarding Open Source and how people can get involved. We were asking lots of questions back, getting a feel for the demographic of the audience, who was familiar with J2EE, who was using Enterprise CFML already etc.

We are very excited at the level of interest and there is no doubt there is a hunger to make CFML great once again and really put ourselves squarely up against the likes of php, where historically we could not have even thought of competing.

If you didn't get a chance to come along and grill us, then do not worry. We have at least one steering committee member giving Open BlueDragon talks at all the upcoming CFML conferences.

In summary, SCOTCH was fantastic and highly recommended. The BOF worked beautifully with the precise level of interaction from the audience that makes a BOF a BOF!

Be sure to check the Open BlueDragon web site


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