Railo joins the CFML open source revolution

It has just been announced that Railo is joining the current trend and open sourcing their CFML engine.

This is FANTASTIC news and one we, at Open BlueDragon, welcome with open arms. It is about time the CFML community had real choice when it came to deciding which engine they wanted to deploy on. The Java world has had this for years, with the likes of Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, WebSphere, WebLogic and ServletExec (to name some of the bigger players). While more players create competition, the real benefit is they create standards.

I spoke with Gert from Railo yesterday who is very open to talking about and ratifying a CFML standard that both Open BlueDragon and Railo would support. Maybe once for all we can iron out some of the real niggles of the underlying CFML language and let the community decide what's best, instead of a single monolithic company.

It is clear the community is demanding this open and general freedom surrounding their language. We have listened and reacted to the community. Railo are now reacting to the community. It has never been a better time to be a CFML developer.

Once again, the real winners of this will be the CFML community.


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