The night before the NLJUG

After a relatively pain free journey from Scotland to Holland I am now ready for tomorrows Netherlands Java User Group day.  Just been out with the speakers for dinner and had a wonderful night.  It is a woefully small world in the Java space and quickly we found a common thread that united us all.  They say that any two people are connected by only 6 people - in the Java world we don't need more than one!

I had a walk around the conference floor tonight including a look at the room I will be talking in tomorrow afternoon.  The NLJUG is one of the larger user groups with over 2000 members and tomorrow we have the pleasure of meeting around 600 of them.  With me talking at the last of the day, it gives me the opportunity to relax a little and enjoy the conference and catch a day full of talks.  Always good to see how others present and pick up some tips.  I haven't seen any of the speakers talk before so they will be new to me.  Having met many of them at the dinner I am looking forward to see how they present in the flesh to a room full of people.  If their personalitys translate to a room full then we are in for a good days worth of sessions.

Now that I have managed to source some toothpaste (removed at the airport for reasons of national security; who would have thought Crest was such a dangerous substance), I will turn in for the night and do some reporting on the sessions tomorrow. 


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