Happy Birthday to our NHS

Our great National Health Service, is 60 years old today. While we all love to moan about it, at the end of the day, it still is one of the best health care systems in the world.

This week, sadly, I have witnessed first hand just how good our health service is. My 5year old, is not well at the moment, and has just spent the night in hospital, and by all accounts looks like he's up for another night at the pleasure of the NHS. This after my youngest spent Saturday night in the same hospital for the same virus.

No Known Restrictions: Public Health Service Nurse and Patient (LOC)

My wife called the GP for an appointment, and we were seen literally within 30minutes of the phone call. He looked at him and referred him immediately to the main regional hospital for further treatment. We took him up to Dumfries, where they were waiting for him, and after a quick body check, he was admitted into the Children's Ward up on the 3rd floor.

Oodles of nurses and doctors came in to check on him. He gets his own room, complete with en suite shower and toilet. My wife, who stayed with him through the night, gets a pull out bed to stay with him, and full use of the shower. The nurses and staff are brilliant at every stage of the game.

All without having to worry about whether we have enough money to cover it, or whether our insurance will cover the necessary treatment. Hell we haven't even had to put pen to paper for a signature. We won't be asked for a single penny, in fact, we'll even get a health visitor come and check on him in a few days at home to make sure he's recovering.

When I read stories regarding how the American health service is, I am just so thankful we have the National Health Service. I really do believe, we do not pay our nurses or staff anywhere near enough money. They do a wonderful job, and for all its warts and problems, on the whole, the NHS, OUR NHS does us proud.

The BBC said this morning, that on average, a UK citizen has £500,000 of free health care in their life.

Happy 60th to you, and here's looking at the next 60years.


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