New York's Cloud Boot Camp Final Schedule

I've just finished putting on the final touches of the full days cloud boot camp session next week at Cloud Computing Expo. There is a lot to cover but it should arm you with the all necessary information to ask more intelligent questions as you move forward into adoption.

Based on the feedback from San Jose's cloud boot camp, I've reworked some sessions, and added a couple more.

  1. Cloud Introductions: 0830 - 0850
    • An overview of this whole space, figuring out some definitions and terminology. Look at the expectations and our experiences.
  2. Amazon AWS Overview 0850 - 1000
    • An indepth look at the services provided by Amazon EC2 and the supporting services. This includes spinning up instances, creating images, the do's and don'ts of one of the early pioneers of on-demand cloud computing.
  3. Amazon Alternatives 1100 - 1130
    • Amazon are not the only players in this space, but they did set the bar in terms of what we would come to expect. We'll take a look at some of the other players: GoGrid, Flexiscale, ElasticHosts, Mosso, Joyent, AppNexeus.
  4. Mass Storage in the Cloud 1130 - 1200
    • We'll take a look at some of the ways you can utilise mass storage in the cloud. This includes services such as Amazon's S3, Nirvanix, and Mosso. Plus some techniques for doing it yourself
  5. Databases in the Cloud 1200 - 1230
    • Managing databases in the cloud is not an easy or trivial task. This session will look at some of the moves the big players (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM) are making, how MySQL works, and look at some alternatives to traditional databases (MongoDB, Terracotta, Scalaris, memcached etc). We'll be looking at the online services from Amazon and Google.
  6. Load Balancing in the Cloud 1330-1400
    • Every one talks about scaling up and down in the cloud, but how do you actually do it? This session will look at the options available for the popular web-request problem. Looking at various hard and software options including DNS techniques and services you can employ.
  7. Guest Slot: ElasticServer 1400-1430
    • Pat Kerpan, from CohesiveFT will be taking us through ElasticServer, a real-time image provisioning tool to allow you to operate across multiple cloud providers
  8. Guest Slot: FlexiScale 1430-1500
    • A hands-on look from the CEO, Tony Lucas, of FlexiScale on the UK's first ever Cloud Provider
  9. Guest Slot: Guest Slot: Microsoft Azure 1500-1530
    • Ranjith Ramakrishnan, co-founder of Cumulux, and former Microsoft, will be taking a real hands-on session into the world of Azure.
  10. Top Tips: 1630 - 1700
    • A quick fire round-up of lots of hints and tips from working in and out of the clouds.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


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