Photographing the moon with some success

The moon last night was perfect. It hung in the night sky lighting up the whole landscape.  I looked up and thought WOW, and then thought, how does one capture this spectacle with my humble digital camera.  I took my camera (FinePix S7000) and using the default standard settings pointed and shot.  However the result was just a single bright dot with no detail whatsoever.

I bought a tele-lens a wee while ago, and thought lets get a little closer to the moon and see if that helps.  Just a bigger white dot.  Not wanting to be out done, I wanted to see if I could capture some of this beautiful moon detail.  Failing miserably in randomizing various settings I gave up.   I went to the web for inspiration and found this detailed article on photographing the moon.

The article started off by saying that you will probably get a white dot if you don't follow some basic instructions.  Damn he had me hooked already.


I followed his instructions and was taken into a new area of my camera's settings.  I had never turned the dial to M, out of fear I think. I ratched it right up to 200, and shot.  WOW now that was impressive.  I kept going up until the moon started fading again.  Around 500 I found to give me the best results.  The results of my preliminary efforts can be seen above.

Tonight, assuming my subject is in the mood, (she can be such a playful mare at times hiding behind clouds and teasing)  I will attempt  to twiddle some more dials and use my tripod and see what results I can achieve.   Looking at her schedule, she is out in full this evening.


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