MailCatcher - Apache Mailet Container 0.3a released

MailCatcherMailCatcher v0.3a has been released and is now available for download at

The major addition with this release is the SpoolManager, which brings the implementation of the MailetContext fully completed.

This allows MailCatcher to not only accept emails for processing by the Mailet, but it may now manage the delivery of emails to remote mail servers should the Mailet bounce, forward or generate an email.  Additional features added in this release:
  • Domain MX record lookup, including retry capability
  • Multiple retries, over a period of time.  For example, keep trying every x hours at least y times
  • Configurable spool agents that actually do the delivery
  • Full logging similar to sendmail/postfix output
  • bounce() and sendMail(..) methods now implemented
  • Inclusion of the Mailet JavaDocs into the main release file
In addition to this release, the SVN repository over at SpikeForge has been brought online.  At the moment, it is restricted to project admins, but you can view the source via the web, assuming you have registered a SpikeForge account.

The next release of MailCatcher will include the ability to have more than one mailet registered at a time with the MailetMatcher interfaces implemented.


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