Have you LinkedOut of LinkedIn?

I have been with LinkedIn for a number of years now. At first it was cool, being linked to various people, endorsements etc.  The precursor to MySpace and their network of friends. Bit like Google's orkut.  Remember the buzz surrounding that when it first came out.  Now you never hear anything about it and the email reminders for it have stopped.

However now, LinkedIn is just one big spam generator.  Of all the emails I have received from LinkedIn of late, each one of them have been from people that I do not know asking me if I am interested in a job or service that has no relevance to me.



There has, for me at least, been no positive gain from being within LinkedIn for all these years.  Most of my contacts I have kept in contact with anyway, those that I haven't, really shouldn't be there any way. People come and go and we should just let them go, instead of hanging onto them for dear life just incase one day they may prove useful.  

Take a look at your own 'connected friends' and see which ones are really that connected to you and not just there because of some small association and more often than not, they have probably forgotton who you are.  Do yourself a favour, clean out your contacts and cut some loose!

note: i have the Amazon referral widget turned on, and it is fascinating to note the book it picked for this entry .. Happy About Linkedin for Recruiting.  Classic!


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