Weekend Work: Remodeling the garden with a JCB

This weekend, I have been doing what would be considered as real mans work, instead of this namby-pampy desk bound stuff!

It started at 0800 on Saturday morning, when I was asked by my father to go down and help him and his crew pour concrete into a new set of stable blocks that is presently being built for a small holding. This involved a lot of racking and wadding knee deep in thick concrete. In the afternoon, I borrowed the JCB mini-digger for a project I am doing at my own house - taking away and remodeling the front garden.

So with my 6year old son, we went and picked up the digger, loaded it on the trailer and brought it up home, whereby my wife captured the event of us taking it back off the trailer ready to do some work!

Having grown up in an plant/argricultural family, driving all types of plant presents no problems. My summer jobs at university was driving JCB's/tractors/dumpers on various bypass and road making projects around the southwest of Scotland. I consider it as my fall back career, should the world open up and finally swallow this crazy computer milarky.


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