George Forman assaults my cutlery

George Forman GrillAfter 3 months of development, 1 month of testing, and all the various tweeking we launched our latest verison of Blog-City onto the world yesterday.  Naturally there was a number of little niggles, but mostly things went smoothly.  Our staging servers mirror exactly the production farm and while that didn't cause us any problems, all the different versions of browsers did! 

We still have a bizarre error with FCKEditor (the main rich text editor we use).  It refuses to work with some FireFox versions, and we can't pin point what the conditions are. This entry was composed using FCKEditor, but my wife can't get it to run on her desktop and we are both using the same FireFox version (  We support the FCKEditor project by paying their support; so this is the first time we have to collect, lets hope they can come up with something.

I am very pleased with our new blogging version, complete with its brand new skins and extensive selection of widgets that people can drag and drop around their blog.  We've introduced a LOT of new features but  I'll talk more about the new version once we release the accompanying website for it.

Although one thing I will say at this point, we're putting BlueDragon7 through its paces here utilising a lot of the new features that we've added, including CFTHREAD, CFCACHECONTENT, background queries.  We've removed the dependency on JMS for Blog-City and instead moved to a simple multicast network using our new CFMULTICAST tag.  We aren't really needing the full functionality that JMS can bring; all we need to do is to signal to all the other farm works when a particular blog updates so it can do whatever it needs to do.  The less housekeeping the CPU needs to do the more requests it can process.  I'll blog more about these new tags later on.

Database wise, we finished moving all the database servers to MySQL5.  This wasn't without its problems let me tell you.  Characters sets from v4 to v5 was a right pain in the bum, and my hat is off to Ceri for sticking with it and figuring it all out.  That piece of the jigsaw was done a number of weeks agon and so far MySQLv5 is really impressing us.  We've tuned the beast quite heavily and while that is always an ongoing job, most of it is now completed.

Off to San Francisco in a couple of days to spend a week with SpikeSource.  Alex and Ed have been up to their old tricks and produced a beautiful painting prior to our arrival. Check it out here.

Oh and the George Forman grill - if you haven't got one then get one!  The amount of fat it extracts out of meat is wonderful and makes that occassional bacon butty taste ever so sweet.  But be ware, you have to get rid of the collected fat some point, and tipping it into the cutlery drawer isn't considered the preferred exit strategy


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