Google Earth fights crime CSI style

While I am doing some stuff this Sunday afternoon, I have CSI:NY playing in the background.  I am watching what was an excellent start to this CSI spinoff.  Most of their crime sites are within the Manhattan area and they use computer maps a lot to zoom in and around the various scenes overlaying information and evidence to build a picture.  All pretty far fetched.

Or is it?  Having now sampled Google Earth suddenly the CSI computer graphics look dare I say, dated!  So far all the cool stuff they have used their maps to solve crimes is available now with Google Earth.  It's even more ironic that CSI:NY is set in New York, as this is one of the view cities Google has mapped their buildings with 3D block models.  Again, a facility that CSI:NY utilise frequently.  I don't imagine for a minute it won't be too long before we can start watching the live feeds from the thousands of city camera's dotted around the globe via Google Earth.

While CSI:NY is a little behind the times, the NBC series, Las Vegas, is light years ahead in its use of technology.  Frequently they get themselves into a story line rut, where the only way they can get out is to take a photo from a mobile phone, zoom in many many times more than any resolution would allow, and then hit the magic "Enhance" button and suddenly we have a pin sharp photograph of this weeks villian.  Bless.


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