Comet - Low prices even lower customer service

We are presently packing up our house into boxes and moving out in a few days, and the only thing that we need to get is a new built-in cooker to replace the broken one we have currently.  The sale of this house has gone through much quicker than any of us would have imagined therefore putting pressure on everything to fall into place with as little problems as possible.

Last week we set about sourcing a built-in electrical oven.  We try all the local stores, but no one seems to stock them, they are ordered on demand coming straight from the manufacturers.  Delivery time quoted after Christmas.  Not good for us.  We go online and again find the same story throughout that delivery is direct and they all quote times after Christmas.  However, Comet would you believe is showing a delivery time of just 4 days.  Too good to be true.

So on the Friday I place the order online.  I knew things where not going to go well for this as the order number that came back to me after completing the process was null.  Crashed.  I call Comet who assure me the order was received perfectly and apologise for the online crash.  I confirm the delivery date of next Wednesday as firm and they checked saying, "no problems sir, everything is booked for then".  Hurrah.

Tuesday rolls by, and a rather patronizing lady rings me up from Comet, stating that the delivery date was changed until after Christmas.  Excuse me?  So what was all this reassuring nonsense I received on Friday all about.  She didn't apologize, just merely stated that I could cancel the order if I wanted, effectively pushing me into a corner as I desparately needed the unit before we move out.  Biting the bullet and not really wanting to give this woman the satisfaction, I cancelled the order.

Wednesday morning the phone rings; "This is the Hotpoint delivery man, just to let you know I am 10minutes away from delivering your cooker".  *blinks* What?!?!  I say to him, "sorry man, the cooker has been cancelled".  He wasn't told. No big surprise there.  I call up Comet again and speak to a rather helpful chap called James, who tells me that the information he is looking at says the cooker won't be delivered until after Christmas, and that the order hasn't been cancelled.  He says he will get it sorted out, and promptly rings me back 5minutes later saying my credit-card has been refunded and everything definitely cancelled this time.  So that silly mare didn't cancel my order after all.

What a farce.  We did indeed get a cooker, locally would you believe, from the local Euronics center, at a cheaper price than Comet.


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