Cloud Boot Camp Post Notes

Sitting here in Cloud Computing Expo in New York, listening to a keynote session, I find myself reflecting on yesterdays boot camp. We had a whole day of talking about the logistics of cloud platforms. We went through the whole range of services, right from Amazon EC2, through to load balancing and managing and running databases in the cloud.

I'd like to thank everyone that came along and made the event a wonderful experience. We had lots and lots of questions throughout the day, with people probing into the various avenues of cloud computing. For all the fabulous claims of the cloud industry, its not all plain sailing. Yesterday we touched upon that.

Let me thank Patrick, Tony and Ranjith for delivering sessions on Elastic Server, FlexiScale and Microsoft's Azure platform. Informative and entertaining.

I have posted the slides on our aw20 company site. We'll be running another boot camp in Prague, mid May. So be sure to stop along.


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