Buying UK Car Insurance? Don't be fooled by the adverts

Car Insurance time and its that time where one notices all the adverts on the television claiming how much money they can save you.  Last year my policy cost me £330 for the year.  Now being someone that is approaching the infamous 'middle age' (33?) status with no convictions and what have you, I am in the classic demographic for all these infamous savings.

However, when I went to all their sites, the savings weren't as forthcoming as the adverts led you to believe. For example, my previous insurer, Quote Me Happy Norwich Union, couldn't even match last years quote, pushing it up a few pounds.  So I hopped over to to see if their claims of finding me a cheaper quote could be realised.

I was very surprised and pleased that not only could they match last years quote, they could beat it big time.  Infact, they unearthed the UK's first fully online insurance company, Swift Cover, that popped up with a quote of only £205!  After some fiddling with the excess, I got that down to £176, fully comp, including insuring me to drive other peoples cars (3rd party only).  I have already printed out all my insurance certificates (they don't post anything to you) and thats me all insured ready to go for another 12months of happy motoring.

Below is the table of results from and you can see the range in quotes.  I also went to Admiral and Churchil but they weren't even in the running.

Results from

If your insurance is up then definitely check out, or just jump over to and see what they can save you.


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