BlueDragon Open Source opens new markets

Now that the word is starting to get out and people are beginning to understand and appreciate the significance of what an open source CFML engine can do, it gives us great pleasure to read stories like these from SixSigns.

SixSigns have already a successful Media Asset Manager for enterprises, based on ColdFusion and Oracle. They have been toying with the notion of offering an open source version of their offering for a long time, but with the current platform that was not really going to be possible. Anyone using their software would have still had to pay for a commercial license of the CFML engine.

Fortunately, thanks to BlueDragon going open source, they no longer need to worry about the logistics and agonize over whether or not to change their underlying development language to something that would allow them to move forward with open source.

SixSigns will also be following the MySQL (and BlueDragon) model of a dual-license product. For those are happy to support everything themselves then its completely free, alternatively, those that want the safety net of support and a telephone to ring, then there is a commercial version.

Everyone wins.


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