A weekend with the Williamson clan

My boys were over at their grandparents for the weekend, and due to the fact my father has purchased some land and is mid construction of a whole new yard complete with buildings he needed some help with a bit of surveying and moving of equipment, so I laid down the keyboard and exchanged the confines of the warm office for a pair of overalls and wellies!  Now don't get me wrong, I am no stranger to this line of work as this is what I grew up with, but having found the wonders of the 1's and 0's its not often I get my hands dirty with father.

The boys are now of an age where they can start having some fun, driving various pieces of kit; tractors, diggers, and ATV's.  I learnt at a very early age and people are still amazed at my ability to reverse tractors and trailers without making a fool of ones self.  Although for all my driving experience, I had never driven a full blown artic lorry.  I'd driven the single-axle lorries before, up to 7 tons, but never the big boys truck! Until yesterday that is.  Another tick in the box.

We had to nip out and bring back a couple of diggers from a forest up near Dumfries yesterday as that job was coming to an end.  Here are some photos of us loading up the diggers, with Noah project managing the whole affair, with my father (and one of his crew) loading up the machines.  Cormac incidentally was completely pooped at this point, and was sleeping in the 4x4 in front.  He woke up just after the pictures where taken and got a ride back in the lorry with his grandfather as Noah and I went out in front flagging down traffic while we navigated through the single-lane tarmac roads until we found the main A75.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all generations of the Williamson clan.


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