Adobe and Macromedia .. all good news

So Adobe is merging with Macromedia.  What does it mean to the CFML world?  At this precise moment, no one really knows, I doubt even Adobe even know what to do, considering they are a company that has little to no experience in the server side of the equation.  Historically their revenues have been from desktop top technologies and utilities.  From their point of view I see the merger a good thing; they get a wonderful foot hold into the markets they are not strong in, while also killing off one of their potential competitors to Acrobat, Macromedia's Flashpaper.   Abode also get access to the whole Flash infrastrucutre which is installed in nearly everyone's desktop.  That is a large ready made user base, and they don't need to get into the whole FireFox/IE browser war.

Many have asked what it means for BlueDragon and as Vince has said on this blog, absolutely nothing.  BlueDragon is in the unique position of not having to enter in the server infrastructure (J2EE or .net) war; we run on both.  Chosing Macromedia's CFMX limits your customer base by nearly a half if you follow various analyst reports stating that the server side world is a 50% split.   I applaud the merger and wish all concerned the best of luck.


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