Adobe is killing the CFML language

CFML is a beautiful language. It's beautiful in its simplicity and ease of its tag based structure. It has stood the test of time and even after 10 years or so in the market place, the community has never been stronger with lots of different implementations, different platforms, including the ability to run your CFML code within the cloud via the Google App Engine.

Why do people code with CFML? Because its simple and powerful at the same time. It's easy to comprehend and quick to come up to speed. At its heart, its a tag based language. However, Adobe is changing that and I for one, am not at all pleased about that.

Ben Forta has announced the upcoming features of CF9 and this one we suspected was coming for along time and it is with a heavy heart that i read:

"you can now build a complete ColdFusion application entirely in CFSCRIPT, without using any CFML, if you are so inclined"

WHY? Why on earth would you want to do that? If you do, then it is no longer a CFML application. It's bastardised language with no real roots in either Java, CFML or even Javascript. If you really want to write non-tag based code, then for goodness sake DO NOT USE CFML! There are tons of well baked languages that will allow you to scratch-that-itch without breaking something as beautiful as CFML.

Personally, I would remove CFSCRIPT away from the language. It's not what CFML is about.

It's not cool to write a whole CFC in CFSCRIPT. It's not clever. You aren't suddenly in the top-etchelon of CFML uber-gods just because you can knock out a 10+ line CFSCRIPT block. If you are that clever, then use Java, and get the performance boost you so greedily think you are getting. Stop kidding yourself.

I suspect the framework authors will be rubbing their hands in glee; yet another way to obfuscate their already over complicated design so others find it difficult to use, maintain or even help support.

Ask yourself why you came to the CFML party in the first place.

Leave the CFML language alone. It's a tag based language. Period. If you want to write lines and lines of procedural code, then use Java.

Ben says it himself, as clear as day in the prior quote, ".. without using CFML ..". It is no longer CFML. So what monster has Adobe created?

Enough is enough. Save our language from those that think they speak for the masses.


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